“The sensual Sorceress Priestess Program” at the Jen Zaya mystery School. This will be a brand new offering done in person a few times a year for 1-2 weeks as an all women retreat. Many ancient female cultures lived in harmony with the 64 arts of tantra. They listened and walked in harmony with the great mother goddess and earth. They connected to their moon (menstrual) blood every month and they heard all the messages whispered to them through nature. Being highly psychic, sensual , creative and highly proficient in earth magick was an everyday commonality for these sorceresses of light. We are ready to live in that kind of harmony again and share these ancient secrets with our sisterhood. (Sistar-hood) . The kuala path , the tantric wisdom goddesses, the Graell lineage, the alchemy of Ecstasy and hermetic teachings are all included in this fusion offering designed for the priestesses at the Jen Zaya Mystery School. This is for all creatrix’s ~ Maiden, mother and crone.