A Sacred Temple & Studio Dedicated to the Mystic Arts

Jen Zaya Mystic arts is located in Sedona Arizona at 2515 W Route 89A.
We just opened our mystical doors on the New moon Solstice on Dec 4th 2021
We are a devotional space dedicated to the goddess as well as a studio in which to teach high vibrational ecstatic practices and experiences that elevate, illuminate And transcend the confines of the mundane world of limited thought patterns.
We delve into the mystical bliss states of the mind, body and spirit where joy is unlimited and we are all filled with love and freedom of expression.
We are also a community of artists, mystics, Gypsy’s, free spirited faeries and lost souls on the path of light.
Our main focus on this path to transcendence is the dance along with devotional yoga, music, mantra and ancient mediation practices.
We also offer shamanic ceremonies for “the reset” process which happens deep in our DNA and subtle emotional bodies healing us and allowing our souls to be free of old traumas we once carried in this lifetime.
We have group classes, private and semi private sessions, workshops, performance gatherings and special events.
We are all here to spread the magick vibe of a new world so now we begin..again.