Jen Zaya Mystic arts is located in Sedona Arizona at 2515 W Route 89A.

We are a devotional space dedicated to the goddess as well as a studio in which to teach high vibrational ecstatic practices and experiences that elevate, illuminate And transcend the confines of the mundane world with its limited thought patterns. We delve into mystical bliss states of the mind, body and spirit where joy is unlimited and we are all filled with love and creative freedom of expression. We are also a community of artists, mystics, Gypsy’s, free spirited faeries and lost souls on the path of enlightenment. We have group classes, private and semi private sessions, workshops, retreats and priestess trainings. We believe in Open heart, open mind and love is the law. Here are some specifics on the offerings.

Women’s priestess arts: “The Sacred sensual Sorceress Priestess Training ” at the Jen Zaya mystery School. This will be a brand new offering done in person a few times a year for 1-2 weeks as an all women retreat. Detailed schedule will be under the Event page. Many ancient female cultures lived in harmony with the 64 arts of tantra. They listened and walked in harmony with the great mother goddess and earth. They connected to their moon (menstrual) blood every month and they heard all the messages whispered to them through nature. Being psychic, sensual , creative and highly proficient in earth magick was an everyday commonality for these sorceresses of light. We are ready to live in that kind of harmony again and share these ancient secrets with our sisterhood. (Sistar-hood). The kuala path , the tantric wisdom goddesses, the Graell lineage, the alchemy of Ecstasy and Vedic occult sciences are all included in this program offering designed for the priestesses by the Jen Zaya Mystery School. This is for all creatrix’s ~ Maiden, mother and crone.

Snake dance,Bellydance, Sword dance sorcery:> Learn the arts of belly dance or the dance of the serpent with Jen and Odezza the Serpent.

Ecstatic trance dance: A dance for the unbridled wild souls made of earth , air , water , fire and ether. We Conjure forth the elements with free form spontaneous movement summoned into motion through trance meditation practices and Heightened states of consciousness. Very otherworldly, fun and cathartic.

Sacred Ceremonies: We have Women’s new moon red tent each month as well as solstice, equinox , cross quarter and other Holy-days. We Celebrate the turning of the wheel in harmony with mother earths cycles and many special rituals for various mystical intentions. All with love.

Ordained All rites of passage ceremonies: From first blood to hand fasting (weddings) to specialized Sacred festivities at the crossroads of life.

Masculine/feminine immersions: When we find balance of our own innate divine masculine/feminine nature , we can create a safe loving space for connecting to each other. Our first conscious community retreat is the “priestess and Paladin Sacred Solstice Quest”

Mystical Tantric Teachings: Jens special heartfelt blend of love as described in my bio. We can tailor sessions for beginner, intermediate or advanced initiates. There will be many videos in the online subscription catalog and you may enjoy creating some thing around an inspiration that you see there or feel free to email me.