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All levels are welcome.
All beings can learn here.
Take a leap of faith and trust your body and soul’s own innate knowing.
Everyone is a beginner when they first start something.
It is the journey, not the destination that is ever so fulfilling and sweet.
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Sacred Bellydance and ecstatic dance:
My 25+ years of format for fusion Bellydance, sensual goddess movement, and guided ecstatic dance practices.
Mindful Flexibility & conscious Strength Training:
Active flexibility exercises using resistance bands, kundalini yoga, vinyasa yoga, a wall, and other unique techniques conjured by Jen. 😉
Trance kundalini meditation practices: Learn seated postures, breathwork, mudras (sacred hand gestures), mantras (chants), and yantra (sacred symbols to focus the mind and gain insights)
Learn the magical Hindu chants of the goddess/god & deities that take you to heightened states of pure joy, contentment, unconditional love and peaceful bliss.
My favorite!
Mystical Tantric arts and western mystery teachings:
These offerings are based on the Kuala tantric path (shiva/shakti) and the 10 tantric wisdom goddesses.
These are mostly solo practices for the yogini and yogi but can be shared together as well.
Eastern mysticism meets western hermeticism in many of the ritual videos.
Bhakti (devotion) love and discipline are all we require to embody these ancient arts.
Divine nutritional guidance:
These are superfoods and supplements that I feel are elixirs for vibrant, radiant, glowing youthful health that fill every cell of our beings with the perfect cellular pattern.