Greetings this is Jen Zaya.
I am a creatrix , yogini and a priestess of love who dedicates all the artistic magick channeled through me to the Goddess. I am insanely passionate about inspiring the world through sacred ceremony, mystical movement, Priestess arts, goddess magick, trance states of the divine feminine , sacred sexuality , experiential teachings and ancient embodiment practices.
My core offerings are based on the 10 Hindu Tantric wisdom goddesses and the Kuala (divine shiva/Shakti) path sprinkled with some western hermetic and ancient alchemical traditions.
We use the power of serpent energy (kundalini shakti) to rise up to our most blissful states of consciousness and free up our potent liberating divine magick.
The goal is loving union, conscious connection and leadership, joyful reverence for life , living wildly and authentically, devotion to our bliss source , Heightened states of joyful consciousness , tapping into our supernatural abilities, union with nature and each other and intoxication with the divine.
Here is the magickal journey of my inspiration to share with you.
When I was about 3 I began having the second sight.
I saw all the various energies beyond the veil.
I began receiving downloads in my dreams and frequent DNA activations.
I was way too young to have learned any of this in this life and I had no family exposure to esoteric transmissions or mystical knowledge. 
It was in my past life genetic codes and I knew it even then.
Sitting in goddess squat, putting my legs behind my head, saying mantras  rolling quarters on my belly, talking to my spirit guides (Jonus and Dubus back then) and making predictions based on my dreams was normal even though I had no introduction to any of these things in the outside world.
Bellydance, priestess arts, tantra yoga, conscious contortion, Hindu mysticism ,earth ritual and goddess magick soon followed.
Now I have finally been able to organize my wild water sign visions into a comprehensive  format that does not require me to leave ANYTHING out.
My psychic womb energy, the goddess and my third eye tell me this lineage that I am creating is alchemically combining ancient eastern, hermetic western and the wild woman of Avalon spiritual traditions. (also Alien telepathy sent by the ancient races)
Next we will be erecting a goddess temple where all can come to worship and connect uninhibited and unrestricted.
The Jen Zaya mystery school will follow and our community will send the love vibration throughout the world.
There will be divine sharing and leadership among all of the priestesses and knights of the temple, each sharing their unique gifts.
May all beings fully realize their loving, passionate ,fully embodied bliss magick and share All of that mystical healing with the world.
Live in love
Live fully. 
Live now
Blessed be
Om Jai Kali Ma